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Here at GardenToolsCorner.com, our garden hand tools are second to none.

Throughout my life, I have been a mechanic, a welder, a cook, and a carpenter and I know for sure; you rely on great garden hand tools. Quality garden hand tools make gardening chores so much more enjoyable.

I do not skimp on the quality of my hand tools. Whether you are just starting to explore the world of gardening or you have been at it for years, your experience will be improved with good tools.

Take your time browsing the options here, from garden shovels and spades to saws and shears and everywhere in between. I know you will enjoy the selection we have to offer in the garden hand tool category.

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Pruners: Hand pruners are used to cut small branches and stems. I burned through a half a dozen pair of low priced pruners my first few years as a landscaper so I can attest: a fantastic pair of pruners will store you time and money. I’ve had the similar pair of Felco pruners for the previous 5 years, and while I haven’t had to replace components yet, I like knowing it's an option. The red handles are handy to spot when dropped into a sea of green and I'm a good deal much less likely to leave these out in the rain (the higher fee tag ensures more top care).

Hori-hori: This Japanese gardening device is the swiss army knife of the garden, changing at least three distinct tools: a trowel, knife, and saw. Two I use the sharply pointed blade for harvesting roots and digging holes for transplants (I cannot think about ever going returned to a flat rounded tool). The hori-hori even has measurements engraved into it so you can measure how deep you are going - or space your transplant appropriately. Two The knife on one aspect is useful for harvesting greens, while the saw on the contrary element will be noticed through dried fibrous sunflower and corn stalks. Needless to say, you will sense like an expert 'badass' sporting this device on your hip.

Folding Saw: two There are many types of folding saws. Two For the tool belt, I advise a compact, all-purpose, saw. Two Small enamel are beneficial for fibrous wooden and refined cuttings, like bamboo, while giant gloss is supposed for quick cuttings of woody branches. Two Ideally, I’d have a range of hand saws on me - however when you consider that I opt for to restriction my gardening belt to simply three tools: I go with the Felco 600, an all-purpose classic.