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Check out our line of tillers and cultivators to help you dig, churn, and turn dirt for a healthy flower bed, garden, and lawn. Their durable construction keeps them running forever and ever. We have a 1965 Troy built Tiller. I have been using for ten years now. We found it in somebodies old garden plot, overgrown with weeds. stopped and asked if we could have it, they gave it to us I put a Briggs and Stratton 12 horse on it and has been tilling are garden ever since. I have had tremendous luck with the Mantis tillers also. first, I purchased the 2 cycle mantis tiller it also still performs well to this day. This tiller was getting tired and had a lot of carborator problems. So I opted for the 4 Cycle Mantis Tiller. This is by for the best little garden Tiller ever. Lots of power, a really big help with my gardening. I would not be able to garden without these tools. Because of my back surgery. I will try to find the best tiller for your needs. Shop today!.
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Garden Tillers

A cultivating implement with engine-powered rotating blades used to lift and turn over soil a motorized device having spinning blades. Buy one now