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Garden Sickles

I am delighted with the hand sickle. Cutting grass is simple but you need to be careful. With one hand you grasp the tall grass and pull it taut. You place the  Garden sickles blade at the base of the grass and with a slicing motion you sever the grass. Since some force is exerted pulling the sickle toward you and it can come quickly swinging clear, you should keep limbs well out of the way of its path. Also, take care not to slice the hand holding the grass. You can fold the green grass in half (if it is several feet long) and use it to border the planting. This acts as a mulch, keeps the ground moist and dissuades weeds. A weed whacker would work, but it flings the grass about and could damage the plantings. The sickle is very precise since you encircle the grass to be cut with the hook before cutting it. And since you now have the cut grass in your hand it is easy to place it where you wish. Designed for heavy-duty clearing and scrubbing of tough vines weeds undergrowth. Razor sharp carbon steel straight edge hooked blade provides powerful cuts on stems stalks & branches. Also makes a great knife for harvesting a variety of fruits berries & vegetables.
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