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Garden Tillers

Select Your Power Source
Tillers are available in gas, electric and battery-powered models.
• Gas tillers range from small, lightweight units to large self-propelled models that can break new ground almost anywhere.
• Corded electric rototillers offer lightweight convenience and enough power to aerate and prepare seedbeds for planting.
• Battery-powered tillers are also light and give the added freedom to move anywhere without a cord.
Find Just the Tiller You Need
Small tillers are ideal for working in tight spaces, like between existing plantings or along fences. A small front-tine tiller won’t have wheels, but they’re still easy to maneuver.
Slightly larger tillers with tines mounted in the middle have wheels to aid mobility. These are a good choice if you’re creating flower beds or vegetable gardens.
For bigger jobs, like breaking up ground that has not been previously tilled, consider a sizeable rear-tine tiller. Look for a self-propelled model with counter-rotating tines for maximum digging power and ease of use
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