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Plant support accessories / ties

1. When it comes to strength and convenience, no imitation can compare with VELCRO® brand self-gripping tape. And we've learned that it's perfect to use as plant ties — soft enough to coddle the most delicate flower stems, yet strong enough to hold large tomato plants and secure vines to a trellis. The green color disappears into the foliage.
2. Soft, spongy foam ties gently hold tomato vines, and other plant stems to support stakes without injuring stems. With a simple twist, the wire core keeps them in place — no tying needed. 30' roll lets you cut ties to the length you need. Set of 20 8" relations offer convenience and save time in the garden, allowing you to tend to prized plants quickly.
3. No more rummaging through drawers or searching through cabinets to find the string you need — and then again for the scissors to cut it. This handsome wooden stand keeps string and stainless steel scissors always within reach. Part of our exclusive Intervale line of heritage garden tools with the classic styling, durability, and aged finish of cherished heirlooms.
4. A must-have for a multitude of tasks! Natural jute twine is indispensable in the garden for tying plants, providing support for climbing vines, setting out straight rows for seeding, and marking out the size and shape of beds. But it also comes in handy in the garage, kitchen and crafts room.
5. Fun to use in the garden to tie plants to trellises and ladders, this natural jute twine also adds a colorful — and biodegradable — finishing touch to gift wrapping and craft items.
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