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Soil amendments are the key to successful gardening, buy some and watch your plant flourish, if your plant is just not growing to add fresh soil and fertilizers.
Need to improve your soil's drainage? and density? or adjust its acid-alkaline balance? You need to provide your roses, azaleas or tomatoes specific minerals and nutrients? Whether you're improving your soil from scratch or adding just the right nutrients to encourage blooming, we have we have the organic soil amendments your growing needs. What makes organic fertilizers better than manufactured, chemical fertilizers? After all, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, the nutrients plant need most are chemicals. So what's the difference? Natural and organic fertilizers feed your plants while building the soil. Repeated applications of inorganic fertilizers which usually provide only those three macro-nutrients. There are a number of good commercial-grade organic fertilizers available with suitable and often varied NPK ratings. But many people like to mix up a fertilizer recipe themselves from trusted ingredients that answer their specific needs(soil testing is as important first step) And many of the fertilizers you make yourself contain ingredients that aren't really fertilizers, such as peat moss, vermiculite, and compost. So think of them as recipes for your soil.
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Soil and Fertilizers

Soil & Fertilizers Need to improve your soil drainage and density or adjust its acid-alkaline balance? Roses, azaleas or tomatoes specific minerals