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Garden Thermometers

1. This 6 Inch Brass Finish Thermometer with Bracket has a metal case with a convex glass lens that protects the thermometer. Dial reads from -20 Degrees F to +120 Degrees F/-30 Degrees C to +50 Degrees.
2. The AcuRite Soil Dial Thermometer displays temperatures between 0o and 220o Fahrenheit and features a pocket clip for convenience.
3. The all-welded, stainless steel design allows for this product to be left in the compost and does not need to be stored inside. It can withstand the chemical and biological weathering of the fertilizer.
4. The rapitest 1815 Mini pH tester is an economical way to determine the pH level in your soil. Instantly gives you the acidity of the soil which enables you to alter the soil conditions for optimum growing conditions. Immediately tells you when to water your plants. Instructions are included with each Mini pH tester for flowers, shrubs and vegetable plants.
5. The AcuRite Digital Thermometer measures indoor and outdoor temperature, indoor relative humidity and records minimum/maximum temperature. Easy to read triple-view LCD with clock and backlight, can be wall mounted or displayed on the tabletop with build in a folding stand.
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