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Garden & Kitchen Knives

What kind of garden knives do I need? Garden knives are an essential tool for any gardener. Great for cutting twine, opening bags and plant ties, harvesting and so many more. Or in the case of the Hori Hori type knife for just about anything! The multi-purpose tool has a stainless-steel, dished blade that makes digging easy. One sharpened edge, one serrated edge and a notch for cutting twine. Comfort-grip handle doubles as a tamp for sowing seeds.

If you’re heading to the garden with just one tool, this garden knife is the one to take. Its stainless steel blade has a serrated edge for opening bags of mulch or soil, a sharpened straight edge for slicing through sod, a notch for cutting twine and a "dandelion popper" on the tip. A measurement scale on the 6” blade helps you plant bulbs at the proper depth. The Hori Hori garden knife has become the go-to garden tool for so many gardeners and a good reason. It does so many jobs! Weeding, cultivating, cutting and digging are just a few of the many gardening activities you'll find this knife useful for.

Cheap kitchen knives are usually pressed from a steel sheet, whereas more expensive ones are forged — something that's long been considered a mark of quality. However, production methods change over time, and traditional methods aren't necessarily still the best. If you are looking to replace or add quite a few knives to your kitchen, it is best to go for a knife set. This way you can get a variety of blades for less than buying them individually.

If you're prepared to invest in a top knife set, it's clear that you enjoy your kitchen and expect nothing but the best from your tools. Performance elements such as grip, balance, and how easy it is to maintain a sharp edge. A kitchen knife set is an investment. When you buy a set, you're buying tools that should be a pleasure to use and will hopefully last for years and years. However, this doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune to get what you need. I have a few listed that have been tested over time and the ones I enjoy the most. I hope you agree?
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Garden & Kitchen Knives

Every avid gardener has his or hers preferred garden tool. It might be something that they made themselves to handle a precise job, or was once handed down or is new and improved. Mine is the hori-hori garden knife. Garden knife makes use of are many and myriad. Keep studying to discover out when and how to use a garden knife. What is a Garden Knife? A garden knife is a simplicity itself. It’s just a blade and a handle with no moving parts. Don’t let this simplicity idiot you. I find it truly precious and use it each single time I’m in the garden.
A Hori Hori garden knife, which is most popular, is a digging tool (and so a great deal more!) that originated in Japan. The name stems from the Japanese phrase ‘hori,’ which skill to dig and when doubled, ‘hori hori’ refers to the sound of digging in spoken Japanese. The blade is serrated, beneficial for sawing through roots, tubers and dense soils and is between 11-15 inches (28-38 cm.) in length.